Three espressoDisplays magnetically attached to the espressoStand

The World's Thinnest Portable Monitor

Your Second Screen and Drawing Tablet in One Device.

Free Shipping • 14 Day Returns • 1 Year Warranty
A premium build and excellent display.
The amazing productivity tool you didn’t know you needed.
For people who spend a lot of time on the road.


Award-Winning Display

  • Super lightweight: 865g
  • Ultra-thin: 5.3mm
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • No charger required
  • 1-Cable connection, easy setup
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and more
  • Proudly Australian designed and engineered

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    The ultimate high performance portable workspace in one package.

    What's included:

    • Display 15" or 13"
    • Case & Stand
    • Pen & Creator
    Free Shipping • 14 Day Returns • 1 Year Warranty

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    A product suite designed to unlock your potential

    The world’s thinnest portable touchscreen monitor. Durable, reliable, and seamless. Award-winning design and engineering.

    Dimensions Touch Resolution Thinness /Weight Speakers

    15.6-inch screen

    W:358mm x H:256mm

    13.3-inch screen

    W:308mm x H:228mm


    16.2m Colours

    300 nits

    60Hz refresh rate


    Fully adjustable stand that mounts your display magnetically


    Fully extended dimensions: 120x140x 240mm

    Compact dimensions: 20x140x14mm

    Supports weight up to 1kg

    Weight: 500g

    Japanese paper-like textured screen protector for optimal drawing & sketching with a matte finish


    Edge-to-edge 3H protection

    Referencing 135gsm smooth paper stock for optimal Kent paper-esque drawing experience

    Built-in Anti-Glare Technology

    Protect your espressoDisplay with a microfibre shell and stand


    Micro fibre material

    Weight: 13in case 430g/ 15in case 520g

    13in case supports 700g/ 15in case supports 900g

    Draw, sketch & touch the espressoDisplay with our specialised stylus


    4,092 levels of pressure sensitivity

    Tilt sensitive

    Charge time: 1hr

    Weight: 80g

    Usage: 100hrs on a single charge






    Work with ease using the best productivity tool

    What our users say:

    What industry experts say:

    With a constant work travel schedule it’s important that I’m able to keep up with my projects and presentations. Trying to assemble these on my laptop is challenging considering the limited screen real estate available and hauling around a full-size desktop monitor isn’t feasible. When looking for portable solutions we tested a few options but once I plugged in the Espresso there was no question this was the solution I was looking for. The ease of use (plug & play), portability, screen quality and functionality of the accessories made this my permanent travel companion.

    Jason Chinnock, CEO Ducati North America
    The team has gone a long way to observe users and build a user-centric product.
    This Espresso Display Is A Great Travel Companion.
    The colours are excellent - it's the only portable display I'd feel comfortable editing photos on.
    Espresso displays have a huge appeal to creatives and graphic designers who usually work on Mac computers.

    Supercharge your capability from home,
    at the office, and
    anywhere you need to work.

    Hybrid Working & Business Travel

    Take the office anywhere, with a portable, lightweight monitor that’s set up in seconds. Work productively from airport lounges and make travel easy with a lightweight monitor that fits comfortably in your carry on.

    • No charger required, connect with a single cable

    • Ultra lightweight & portable

    • Works without restrictions, on-the-go

    Online Workshops & Collaboration

    Run online workshops from anywhere as if you were there in person. Collaborate on a digital whiteboard and engage with the virtual room with ease.

    • Collaborate & solve problems like being in the office

    • Bring ideas to life in real time

    • Work with Mural, Microsoft Whiteboard, JamBoard, FigJam, Miro & more

    Paperless Office

    Finally, a user-friendly paperless device. Digital documents are right there in portrait mode for quick cross-referencing and editing is made easy with copy-paste functionality across different screens.

    • Reference documents with ease

    • Markup, annotate & share

    • Portrait mode & autorotate

    Design & Illustration

    Brainstorm with the team to come up with ideas, prepare drafts and work through feedback

    • Collaborate & brainstorm 

    • Exquisite pencil-like drawing experience

    • Use Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchbook, ZBrush & more