More. Anywhere.

The world’s thinnest portable touch screen monitor.

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More. Anywhere.

Display Features

Design that delivers

Do more

Increase your screen real estate with a seamless viewing experience.

Move more

Portable, lightweight and takes two seconds to set up.

Achieve more

Expand the possibilities of your current device.

Enjoy more

Designed to fit into your lifestyle.

Award-winning Design

The thinnest portable touch screen monitor in the world.

At 5 mm (0.2") thin, espresso Displays' lightweight aluminium design is easy to take with you anywhere — whether it’s your next road trip, your local coffee shop, your workspace, your commute, or even your walk from the living room to the kitchen.

Innovation in every layer

High quality, dual layer glass touch screen Display.

Built with dual layer glass and its own computational chipset, an espresso Display provides a smooth touch experience.*

Compatible with Mac, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch and many smartphones via USB-C, the Display supplies video and power through one convenient cable. And if your device doesn’t have a USB-C connection, don’t worry! There’s also a mini HDMI cable to get you started.

*espresso Touch Software for Mac required for Mac devices.

Display Accessories

Get more out of your workspace.

Elevate your working process with espresso’s range of accessories. Whether you want to transform your desktop into a convenient and intuitive touch screen, or raise, tilt and rotate it, our accessories are completely adjustable and ready to use on almost any surface. Every aspect of espresso is designed with your needs in mind.

Complete your portable set-up

Imagine the productivity of your full office set up, but in a compact, lightweight form. Now stop imagining, because that’s what espresso Displays give you. Our super thin, portable monitor easily connects to laptops, smartphones and gaming devices, and with the right accessories, makes operating at full capacity a breeze, anywhere.

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Get more, anywhere, with an espresso Display.

12-month warranty and worldwide shipping.