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Where to Work That’s Neither The Home nor Office


It’s 2022, and many companies are still embracing working from home. You spend less time commuting and get more time in your day to be productive or relax. 

Then again, some days, you want a change in scenery for inspiration and new ideas, or just a reason to have left the house. Here are six places you can work that’s neither the home nor office but where you can still be productive.

A Cafe

A cafe is an obvious one, for good reason. 

Cafes are suited to you if you like subtle background noise but don’t want the interruptions of coworkers when working on tasks that require focus. Cafes are also the perfect spot to set up a portable monitor if your work requires one.

You don’t always have to go to the same cafe either. Going somewhere new each time is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the area. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from becoming a regular at your favourite; it’s your chance to tell the barista, ‘The usual’.

Make sure to choose a good spot. It’s nice to keep your things organised and not have to fret about where to charge your devices. If using a portable monitor, consider the espressoDisplay which doesn’t require a power plug and is instead powered by the device it’s plugged into.

The Park

If the weather’s good, why not catch some rays whilst making money.

Being outdoors is really relaxing for some people. You can set up at a picnic table under a tree blocking the sun’s glare and get to work. When you’re due for a break, destress with a nature walk.

Make sure you pick somewhere with decent reception for your hotspot or, if your city supports it, free wifi.

Coworking Spaces

Though companies are moving away from the office, sometimes you still want to co-locate. Coworking spaces have been popping up all around cities to fill this market.

It’s a little more expensive than home, but you can book a coworking space for a day at a time or get a membership to go as often as you’d like.

Full of ambitious and entrepreneurial people, it’s a great place to expand your network with people you may not have met otherwise.

The Airport

Some of the most productive moments people have are early mornings at the airport waiting to catch a red-eye flight. Something about that atmosphere lets people power through emails and focus. Next time you’ve got a flight for work, consider getting to the airport earlier than needed to take advantage of the free productivity.

An airport has everything you need for an entire day’s work: restrooms, free wifi, power, and plenty of food options. However, you need to work well with the bustle and noise of people moving around you trying to catch their flights.

The Library

Libraries have been around for centuries and remain one of the best places to work. They’re quiet, have all the resources you need and are free to use. If you’re looking for a place to buckle down and get some serious focus work done, the library is a great option.

A University

One overlooked place to work is university campuses. Universities have great resources, including libraries, atriums, and coffee shops. They also tend to have good guest wifi, making it easy to get work done.

The architecture of universities is often quite stunning, so it may be the place for you if you want some inspiration.

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