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No problem, please try out our Getting Started Guide for a walkthrough setup for the Display. If you’re having difficulty there, follow the prompts to let us know what is going on!

Update – March 2021

Australia: 2-5 day shipping
Singapore (Amazon): 2-5 day shipping
EU: 2-5 day shipping
UK: 2-5 day shipping

Additional Shipping Time:
North America (USA/CAN): Shipping End March
Japan: End March

Your one (1) year product warranty from defects starts from the date of delivery and yes you will need your proof of purchase.

To be eligible for warranty service, you must notify espresso as soon as you are aware of the defect on within the warranty period.

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Please complete this form and someone will be in touch.

Whilst our Displays have a touch panel and touch sensors, Apple is very specific about how their devices work. That is why their products are great!

To get touch to work requires an additional software package so that the touch sensors can speak to the Mac device, to give a good touch experience. This is made by 3rd party developers, so this requires an additional cost

See the video below.

The current Displays are not wireless and have no on-board battery.

We are currently selling on our website and on Amazon in the following regions:
Australia, Singapore, Japan, USA, CA, UK and the EU.

If you are interested in any retail, wholesale or enterprise purchases, please email

There are buttons on the left, which control both brightness (long hold) and volume (short press).

If you are on Windows, you can adjust your Display settings by following this video:


If you are on Mac, you can adjust your Display settings by following this video:

This is for Windows Devices, where you can go to the following steps:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select Tablet/PC Settings
  • Select Display
  • Select the espresso Display as the nominated touch monitor