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3 things to do before June 30


The Australian End of Financial Year (EOFY) is fast approaching. Whether you’re an accountant who’s about to enter their ‘busy period’ or you’re just mentally preparing for the second half of 2022, EOFY is a fantastic time to reset both professionally and personally. Check out these 3 tasks you can do before the 30th of June rolls around. 

Upgrade your tech

With hybrid work becoming the new norm, it’s important that everyone feels productive and has an ergonomic setup at the office and at home. If you’re a manager of a team, think about equipping your team with the espresso Display. They promote healthier posture as you can adjust the monitor to your eye height with the espressoStand and they increase your screen real estate so you can get things done faster. 

If you’re in an audit or client-facing role you may not have the most ergonomic desk setup when you’re working from your client’s office over the EOFY period. The espresso Display is highly portable and can be set up and down in seconds. You can also use it to present data or slideshows to your client or manager.

If you’re interested in buying the espresso Display for your team, they’ve been made exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax. Check out the tax ruling here.

Book a holiday

If you reflect back, a lot of the past Financial Year was either spent in lockdown or under travel restrictions. If you’ve accumulated some well-earned annual leave then now might be the perfect time to take a holiday, long or short, to unplug and reset. Why not take a road trip to that rural town you’ve always wanted to explore and enjoy the wineries, cafes and nature? Or, go and visit your interstate family. It’s important to start the next Financial Year refreshed so you can hit the ground running with your new targets and goals. 

Plan your goals

Speaking of goals, June is an opportune time to plan your targets and KPIs for the next Financial Year. Whether they’re sales metrics or productivity habits, goal-setting helps your personal development, motivation and performance reviews. If one of your goals is to be more productive, try downloading the free espressoFlow app which helps you manage your desktop faster. 

To conclude

Celebrating your achievements over the past Financial Year is incredibly important. It’s also highly motivating to look ahead and prepare for another strong year. Good luck and Happy EOFY!

Hot tip: The espresso Display is exempt from Fringe Benefit Tax, so now is the perfect time to purchase units for your team! Buy Now